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The major result of this project will be the experiance with the implementation of a large variety of different small-scale (0,1up to 10 m³/d) ADS powered by renewable energy. The ADS will be installed in five MENA
countries: Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey.
ADIRA will create knowledge in various fields to promote the implementation of ADS in the Mediterranean Basin. The following will be available for each location in the survey areas:

- Optimal combination of different types of desalination
technology and associated Renewable Energy Sources.
- Energy supply systems for the desalination unit, taking the current power supply of households into account, if appropriate.
- Economic operation schemes e.g. utility concept operated by the residents.
- Necessary actions for sustainable social integration and development of small communities.
- Actions for raising awareness of the new technologies
among the water consumers.
- Measures to ensure satisfactory operation and maintenance.
- Necessary measures for ADS construction: Small desalination unit design, selection, local participation in
manufacturing, installation and staff training.
- Proposals to national and regional governments on how to support the rural water supply infrastructure.

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